AL Khaleej Sugar Company

Al Khaleej Sugar - literally meaning The Gulf Sugar – appropriately derives its name from the fact that it is the first sugar refinery in the Arabian Gulf Region.

Al Kaleej Sugar was established in 1992 & based in Jebel Ali in Dubai, with a production capacity of 2400MT. Since the commencement of production in July 1995, it made remarkable progress to achieve the status of the largest standalone sugar refinery in the world, which was achieved during last few years, with a production capability of more than 7000 tons per day. Al Khaleej Sugar contributes currently to almost 3% of the worldwide production of refined Sugar & its products are regularly exported to over 50 countries, including the regional countries in the Arabian Gulf Region.

Al Khaleej Sugar achievements assume larger significance due to the fact that the sugar refinery operates in a primarily non-agricultural region of the Arabian Gulf, by importing raw sugar from traditional sugar growing areas like Brazil, India, Australia, Thailand etc. The success aspects are supported by excellent logistic facilities of Jebel Ali port and other inherent positive contributing factors of UAE.

H.E. Jamal Al Ghurair
H.E. Jamal Al Ghurair
Chairman of the Al Khaleej Sugar
Member of UAE International Investors Council
"UAEIIC aims to activate the economic and foreign trade relations between the UAE and the friendly Nations through systematic working framework to achieve the goals set"