In light of the global developments and the UAE’s strategic plans, and in line with the State’s policy to promote economic diversification, a group of UAE international investors proposed the establishment of a council bringing them together and coordinating action amongst them. Once established, members of such Council would have the opportunity to support investment decision-making as well as economic and political decision-makers at both economic and political levels in the country; by providing them with clear indicators and parameters of the ongoing developments in all areas of UAE investments worldwide.

During the second half of September 2009, a meeting was chaired by the then Ministry of Foreign Trade with a group of UAE companies with distinct investment presence abroad in various sectors such as: telecommunications, real estate development, energy and tourism. The meeting also included representatives from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Economy where the companies declared their desire and willingness for the idea offering support to the proposed council. As well, all attendees expressed their desire that UAE Cabinet provides the moral support to the Council represented in approving the establishment.


To act as a link between UAE international investors and government to enhance competitiveness of UAE international investments and to overcome all types of challenges.


To protect UAE international investments through effective coordination amongst the international investors in addition to communication with the governmental agencies and overseas parties to remove potential obstacles, explore safe investment opportunities abroad and provide advice to the Council.




The United Arab Emirates is determined to emerge as an active economic player on the regional and global landscape.

The UAE today has already established its pioneering status across a number of economic fronts, including international investments. Our country has achieved prominent status as a major investor in foreign countries and now leading in the MENA region for outbound investments. This has been achieved through the proactive efforts of UAE companies investing across a variety of economic sectors in countries that offer attractive investment environments. 
The accomplishments of UAE companies investing abroad are well validated. In a relatively short period of time, these enterprises have successfully exported Emirati excellence and enhanced our reputation amidst strong competition from other equally keen investing countries. 
The UAE International Investors Council has been formed to reiterate and articulate our leadership’s strategic direction of economic diversification. Designed to support the growth of the private sector and boost its contribution while creating an enabling supportive entity for UAE companies investing abroad, the Council will serve as a link between investors looking for quality opportunities in friendly countries as well as the government authorities. The Council will also offer professional advice, guidance and logistical support as part of its mission to safeguard UAE investments abroad. 
More significantly, investments abroad allow UAE companies to benefit from the expertise and know-how of other countries for developing our own national economy. And, we believe this newly set up Council will build on this advantage and play a vital role in boosting UAE investments in strategic sectors that better serve the interests of our country and strengthen the nation’s global standing.


Planning for forming the future has become an urgent and necessary task to build and advance countries and promote their future development. Thus, UAE’s future outlook strategy, launched

recently by the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, Head of state (may Allah protect Him), and adopted by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, Deputy Head of state, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai (may Allah Protect Him), is a main driver of the effort of UAE’s government to establish a work formula using the future tools to deal with the future trends, opportunities and challenges and set the proactive scenarios and solutions of tomorrow on purely scientific basses.
The UAE’s visionary strategy, which was launched under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE and approved by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, is to establish a working formula that uses the tools of the future to deal with future trends, opportunities and challenges, and to develop scenarios and proactive solutions to the changes and developments of tomorrow on purely scientific grounds.
The role of the Emirates Council for Investors Abroad comes as a complement to this context. The vision, mission and objectives presented by the Emirates Council for Investors Abroad are the embodiment of the national approach in providing the best services in all areas of life.
The consolidation of the idea of uniting efforts and mobilizing energies as it requires all of us to work as a team in which we share roles and responsibilities to reach what we aspire to reflect this unique model of joint work between all government and private sectors, which is evident in the performance of the Council to be a platform representative of UAE investors abroad to form a qualitative addition For the efforts of the State in enhancing the competitiveness of national investments abroad in line with the determinants of the UAE Vision 2021.


The UAE has become a development model to be followed internationally in various fields. This is because our youthful nation has succeeded in an ideal investment of its natural and economic resources.

Our well-planned and balanced economic policies under the wise guidance of our insightful leadership have succeeded in reinforcing the foundation of our national economy thereby making it more able to overcome the different challenges faced. This was especially true in light of cementing economic diversification policies which have enabled our economy to pass through difficult tests.

Some of indicators of the UAE’s distinguished economic and developmental position include recording the highest growth rates in the Middle East, North Africa, and internationally be testimony of global economic institutions, thereby making the UAE one of strongest driving forces and motivators for global economic development.

The Council aims to develop a vision for the UAE investor on foreign investments, the most important economic indicators and analysis of the vision of the governments of the countries as well as the most important sectors of the targeted investment, reflecting the result of protecting and increasing the capital of UAE investors abroad.

The Council will continue to enhance its competitiveness and prestige, meets the aspirations of our wise leadership and fulfills the hopes and aspirations of the members of the Council.


The United Arab Emirates is ranked among the most active investors in the global ranking index. This comes after many years of dedication and constant hard work; following the country’s leadership vision to position the UAE internationally and most importantly is to adopt a sustainable economic diversification policy for the country.

The UAEIIC has been adopted with a view to complement the roles in supporting the UAE investors abroad. The creation of the UAEIIC emerged from the belief that coordination and efficient communication among investors are key to achieve success abroad. One platform that combines the government and the private sectors has become vital in terms of communication and coordination.

Since inception, the UAEIIC has been receiving support from the Government and the Private sectors which without a doubt had led to having established a unique semi government institution in the region that is built on the basis of best practice and latest model of a semi government body, and evolving further ahead.

Over the years, the UAEIIC progressed quite well to deliver an operational council with a strong support from various constituencies in the UAE. The year 2015 had witnessed acceleration in the establishment process which was mainly due to sound leadership and determination in the board that is very determined to make this undertaking is a reality.

The UAEIIC is in its growth stage and the path to achieving its ultimate objective is not far from reality. Supporting the UAE investors abroad is one of the Council’s core values and further adding a value to the Council members operation.

We are determined to build an efficient organization which will help us achieve our vision.”

  1. Transparency
  2. Governance
  3. Team spirit
  4. Participation
  5. Effective communication