We act as a link between the council members and the relevant international

authorities along with the investment agencies.

Devising a set of strategic plans promoting the advantages of Emirati investments in the international arena

We enable continuous monitoring to the international

performance of UAE investors

Conducting the needed corporate advocacy to defend the interests of UAE investors abroad

We establish a strong platform

For the UAE Government and the private sector

Leading to strong cooperation and sustainable economic growth

Spreading awareness about the positive influence of the international Emirati investments

We conduct empowering workshops with international entities to help spread the benefits of international interactions among the Emirati investors

Enhancing the cooperation between the UAE International Investors Council

and international governmental agencies

We aim at uplifting the position of the Emirati investors in the international arena

About Us

In light of the global developments and the UAE’s strategic plans, and in line with the State’s policy to promote economic diversification,…



Steps towards Breakthrough

The year 2015 was the real breakthrough for UAE International Investors Council in light of the current global developments and the UAE’s strategic plans,…

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Towards the Globe

It is high time for the Council to actually attend to its duties represented in exploring the international investment opportunities that come within…

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Our Strategy

We strive to promote, coordinate, supervise, maintain and sustain all the Emirati investments abroad, so to ensure all the beneficial results for everyone.

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